Say hey to Henry! He’s a 1-year old Pudelpointer (yes that’s a real breed – google it!) who got handed a rough set of circumstances at birth. The runt of his litter, Henry was born partially deaf and shortly after developed congenital cataracts that made him nearly blind. Luckily, Henry found himself at MHCR where […]


Diesel is a little, 1 year old, pit mix who is very down on his luck. Diesel joined MHCR from a high intake shelter in Roswell, NM. Diesel is extremely cuddly and affectionate with his humans. He aims to please and responds well to training with positive reinforcement. Diesel does great with confident, playful dogs. […]


Supa Zuppa! Are you looking for a fun-loving, up for anything, adventure seeking, Hulu binging, overgrown toddler? You know, the kind you can walk on a leash without getting stares from judgmental Gen Zs? The kind you can put in a crate when you leave? The kind that NEVER backtalks and is always thrilled to […]


Captain Flutterbutt Underbite aka Matilda’s stubby tail never stops fluttering. She’s a very sweet girl who gets along with all sizes of dogs. She’s not super keen on the leash but works on it daily. She loves couch time and snuggles with her hoomans. Treats and food are her other favorite parts of the day. […]


If you are looking for a true, noble, majestic, Belgian Malinois, then just keep scrolling because Lenny is not your boy. If you are looking for the most goofy, derpy, lover boy dressed up like a Belgian, then look no further! Lenny is a spunky boy who will leap over the back of your couch […]


Zekey boy is looking for his true forever home. This sweet lab mix is around a year old. He’s approx 55 lbs and is lean and FAST! He loves to run through the yard and wrestle with his canine foster siblings. When he’s not wrestling, he can be found chasing cars along the fence line […]


This little lovebug is a petite, pocket pittie mix that’s around 1 year old and about 40lbs. She has an adorable little nubbin’, which is code for “docked tail.” Cheyenne is (mostly) past the puppy antics and housebroken. She is extremely affectionate, and her happy wiggle-walk will make your heart melt right into your shoes. […]