Izzy is an energetic, loving, ball of curls who loves walks, can handle a decent hike, but is also content to lay on the couch with you or play ball in the yard. He’ll warn you of any potential threats such as mailmen, neighbor’s dogs, or squirrels and his melodic voice is heard a few […]


There is only one word to describe Paris…SWEET! Sweet like a French pâtisserie! She loves everyone she meets, especially little kids! She always extends her paw to get your attention and more love from you. Paris is very dog friendly and will be the submissive dog in a meet and greet situation, but will quickly […]


Honor is an adorable, 3 to 5-year-old, female, Chihuahua mix. She presently weighs about 10 pounds, and believe me when I say, your lap is the place she wants to be. She is presently in foster with a few young kiddos, another dog, and a cat. She absolutely adores her human kids. She would make […]


Riggins is a 3.5 year old, male, shepherd mix. He is a wonderful and loyal dog that has been loved as part of a family since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, as Riggins’ human family grew (by way of a human baby), Riggins grew uncomfortable with the tiny humans and it’s become clear a kid […]


Delta – a girl by any other name, just isn’t the same. This beauty is the best of so many breeds. Per her DNA she’s a Weimaraner, Basset Hound, Pittie, and Bulldog mix. Her short, thick legs are proof of the Basset and her velvety coat is oh so Weim! She’s smart as a whip, […]


Gus! Man does this dog have a story to tell! Gus first entered MHCR in mid December. He belonged to a homeless man. A Good Samaritan witnessed Gus get hit by a car. After a few days of watching him and offering support, the homeless man agreed to give Gus to her so he could […]


With a name like Raphael, what else do we need to say? No, he’s not a Ninja Turtle. He’s an adorable, 14 lbs, Yorkie mix! Unfortunately, there’s only a few photos of him when he had hair, but it should give you an idea of what a handsome boy he can be! Raphael is around […]


Ah, Tank. Where do we begin? Tank is a 2-3 year old, 60 lbs, English Bulldog. When Tank first came to MHCR he was in desperate need of a neuter and nearly blind due to ulcers on his eyes from entropion. Tank was unruly, obnoxious, and RIDICULOUSLY cute. Since being neutered and having surgery to […]


Ember is a gorgeous, 50 lbs, pittie mix. This girl is a tank. She’s very focused on pleasing her human and checks in often to make sure all is well. She loves to wrestle with other dogs and has a nice, adjustable, play style depending on the dog she’s interacting with. Ember is a wonderful […]