Financial Transparency

One of our core values is financial transparency. That means we tell anyone who wants to know exactly how we spend the money we receive. It’s just one part of how we build trust with our community and hold ourselves accountable. We believe it’s important that the highest possible percentage of our funds go to our dogs and their care. That is why we’re here and we want our balance sheet to show that.

A Letter from our Founders

Dear Donors,

2020 was an exciting year for Mile High Canine Rescue (MHCR). It was our first full year in operation and boy were we busy! Through your support, we rescued 1036 dogs from shelters in Colorado and high kill shelters in New Mexico and Texas and placed them in loving foster homes and forever homes. We spent a whopping $278,159 in medical care and kept our administrative/fundraising costs to just 5.5% of total revenue. That means that 95 cents of each dollar you donated went directly to saving dogs’ lives! MHCR is still 100% volunteer run, including our Board of Directors. No one takes a salary.

Last year we also launched our Community Outreach programs which included sponsoring our first low cost/free spay and neuter clinic in Delta, Colorado, for low-income residents. 113 dogs were fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped. This will go a long way in the area for preventing unwanted litters and keeping dogs out of shelters! We also worked closely with rural shelters across our service area in Colorado, New Mexico and Texas and provided vaccines, supplies, food, and shelters for outside kennels to help keep their population of dogs safe and healthy while they wait for adoption or rescue.

2021 is shaping up to be just, if not more, exciting than last year! We kicked off the year by sponsoring another low cost/free spay and neuter clinic in Ordway/La Junta where 184 dogs over three days were fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped. We have another clinic scheduled in Falcon, Colorado in March. As of the date of this letter, we have already rescued 109 dogs from shelters in our service area—even more than this time last year! We sponsored dog behavioral training for the staff at the Humane Society of Fremont County. This gave their staff the skills and knowledge needed to work with dogs who come into the shelter with behavioral issues. This is just the beginning….

At MHCR we believe that rescue is full circle—it is more than pulling a dog from the shelter. It is about preventing that dog from being there in the first place. We thank you for being a part of this mission and for being a part of the Mile High Family!

With Our Sincere Gratitude,


Jenni Stienike, Kailey Blackman, & Jen Dudley

Mile High Canine Rescue, Inc., Board of Directors

Notable Achievements

Dogs rescued from shelters in our service area

2021 (Total): 775

2022 (Total): 676

Since Our Inception in 2019: (Total): 2,510

Administrative/fundraising percentage

2020 (Total): 5.5% of total revenue

2021 (Total): 6% of total revenue

Funds spent on medical care for our dogs

2020 (Total): $278,159

2021 (Total): $314,323

Dogs fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped in our low-cost/free spay and neuter clinics

2021 (Total): 593

2022 (Total) 1,850

Grand Total since 2019: 2,443 dogs!

Obviously, not all these numbers are purely financial, but they are all valuable reference points. Every donor can feel confident that the MHCR team is fulfilling our mission and our commitments to our service areas and the dogs we serve.

MHCR is 100% volunteer operated.  Our payroll is $0.00!

If you would like more information about our operations, please contact us.


MHCR is committed to donor privacy. We will not share or sell a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of any other organization.

* Current-year figures are updated quarterly