Our Mission

To reduce the number of abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs in shelters within Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico by providing loving foster homes and medical care, facilitating adoptions, and funding low cost spay and neuter services.

We are a Full Circle rescue. We realize you cannot adopt your way out of the pet overpopulation crisis. MHCR understands that to solve this crisis, we must approach it in a multi-faceted way.
  • We fund low cost and free spay and neuter clinics in low-income areas and in areas where the shelters have a very high rate of euthanasia.
  • We provide training and behavioral coaching for all dogs and their human companions to keep dogs at home with loving families and out of shelters. This includes MHCR and non-MHCR dogs through our grant program.
  • We provide underfunded rural shelters with vaccines and supplies to keep their dog population healthy while waiting for adoption or rescue.
  • We offer an emergency medical grant program for dog owners whose dog is experiencing a medical emergency, but they cannot afford the high cost of treatment. Most owners in this situation must choose euthanasia or surrender to a rescue/shelter.
  • We provide grants to smaller rescues and shelters in underserved areas that are doing great things to save dogs' lives but need financial resources to expand their mission.
  • We educate our adopters, applicants, volunteers and community on proper dog medical care, effective training methods, overall dog behavior, the evils of puppy mills, and the crisis we are facing in large shelters today.