Becoming a Foster Companion

When you first decide to become a foster, you may feel any combination of excitement, nervousness, happy anticipation, or self-doubt. Then you receive your first foster dog and those feelings may immediately change or not, but you’ll definitely grow attached to your foster and feel the rock solid support of the Mile High Canine Rescue team. By the time your foster finds their forever home and you have to say goodbye, you’ll wonder where the time went and if there’s any chance the new owners would be up for a play date. Talk to anyone who has fostered a dog and you’ll know why this is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.

Foster Testimonials

“We have been fostering as a family for roughly 8 years on and off with many different organizations, but found Mile High Canine Rescue during the pandemic. I love how involved and valued fosters are within this organization and helping dogs find their best fits. There is nothing more satisfying than sending a pup to their forever home, knowing the people and that the pup is going to be loved. I also love the Facebook page and how incredibly easy it is to navigate. Nothing compares to the fun, hilarious culture of the MHCR family there. We really do absolutely LOVE Mile High and couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.”

– Aniston Cheung

Fostering FAQ's

In an effort to minimize stress on dogs in foster care, you’d foster the dog until it is adopted. However, we will work with you to transfer your foster dog if needed.

Most dogs come from shelters, but some are owner surrenders or have come from other foster homes.

Yes! You will be provided access to a photo album of dogs in need of foster.  

No, we don’t have a facility. Fosters generally commit to an incoming dog and pick them up directly from their transport/prior home/shelter.

MHCR pays for veterinary care of our foster dogs at certain clinics across the state of Colorado and Wyoming.

No, fosters can set up meet and greets with adopters at times that work for them!

Yes, please! We will work with you to find a foster dog to meet your needs!

We ask that you provide a loving, safe, home for your foster dog to learn, live, and feel safe in.  Most of our fosters provide their own food, toys, blankets, however we can sometimes provide donated food. Crates are available on loan.

Before entering the state of Colorado, dogs coming to MHCR have seen a vet for vaccines and a health certificate. Owner surrender and shelter dogs originating within the state of Colorado may or may not have prior vet history.