Supplies & Equipment

Mile High Canine Rescue is committed to great care with all the dogs we interact with, to that end the following are product suggestions that may help in certain cases.

Steel Crates

In the event that your dog cannot be trusted free roam and is able to break out of their current crate, we highly recommend investing in a steel crate. It costs less than new furniture/doors/walls or obstruction surgery and it will keep your dog safe.

Calming Treats

If your dog is experiencing anxiety or stress, such as separation anxiety, calming treats and/or CBD can be helpful. We highly recommend consulting with your dog’s veterinarian about how to use CBD or CBD treats.

Diapers (Belly Bands)

For a male dog who tends to mark, Belly Bands are a great and cheap solution! Many stores sell both disposable and reusable belly bands. Or you can sew your own!

Walking Supplies

Harnesses with a clip on the dog’s back can make pulling worse, we recommend some harnesses and tools that are designed to help keep control of your dog and reduce pulling when used properly.

You can find these supplies at Amazon, Chewy, and most likely your local pet store.


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Leash Reactivity

Fearful & Fear Aggressive Dogs

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