Elvis Pugsley

Elvis Pugsley is a 3 year old boy who recently lost his home due to no fault of his own. Elvis was a beloved family pet that grew up with young kiddos and we made a promise to his mama (and him) that we’d find him a great forever home with a big yard to […]


What do you get when you cross a Fraggle and a Muppet? IZZY! You get Izzy! This adorable, animated, full of personality, 20 ish lbs girl is approx 2-3 years old. She has smooth, silky, straight fur and seems to shed minimally, if at all. She loves other dogs. She loves kids. She loves walks. […]


Barley is athletic and will fit in well with an active guardian! He’ll enjoy opportunities to play fetch and go for walks. Barley is required to have an introduction at the shelter if considering a multidog home, and he might feel most comfortable as the only pet. At this time, HSBV will only rehome him […]


I know what you’re thinking, “Oh look at that adorable St. Bernard mix!” We thought that too. Turns out, zip, zero, zilch, not even a tiny trace. Juno is a unique combination of working dogs (Pyrenees, GSD, Cattle Dog) and America’s best pets (Labrador & pittie). She’s 71 lbs, 3 years old, house trained, and […]


Are you looking for a miniature, flightless, dragon who gathers and then sleeps on her own personal stash of your fave shoes and clothes? Look no further! Lu is 10-15 lbs of adorable terrier mix. To clarify, she doesn’t chew on your shoes and clothes, just likes to hoard them. Her other hobbies include playing […]


Ella is a tender, beautiful soul. This 3 year old, 130 lbs, female, Dane is quite a stunner. She’s mild-mannered yet playful, does well with a variety of dogs, and is well behaved in a home. She’s actually a great, Great Dane. Ella can be a little shy at first and can take a tad […]


Midge! Midge is a beautiful little ween! This 3 year old, female, Chihuahua/Dachshund mix is all that and a bag of chips! She’s dog friendly, smart, playful, walks well on a leash, and fits perfectly into nearly any handbag! Plus, her adorable spotted socks match most outfits! Midge is a petite 7 lbs. She enjoys […]


Phabulous Phillipe is now ready to find his home! This 3 year old, 13 lbs, Bichon Frise is nothing short of amazing. Phil came to MHCR from Roswell, NM. He entered care with what appeared to be a prior injury to one of his eyes. After getting it removed, he’s all healed up now and […]


🥃 This is Whiskey. 🥃 He’s an Old Fashioned…..kinda guy (see what i did there?). Whiskey is 4-5 years old and approx 20 lbs. He’s an old soul and is highly sophisticated. You won’t find him at the clubs twerking his adorable behind. Nope, he’ll be found at homes in front of the fire, sipping […]