When Koda first joined MHCR in early January, we knew he was a pup that needed a little help, but we had no idea everything Koda had actually endured. After multiple vet visits, it was discovered that Koda sustained extensive trauma to his head and had multiple fractures to his skull and mandible. This little […]


This sweet, 6-8 month-old, female, lab/pit mix, just sprang death row in New Mexico and is ready to start her new life in Colorado! Stormi is a happy girl. Have you heard the happy dog song? That was basically written for her. Her tail never stops wagging. She’s submissive, LOVES toys (she’ll play alone or […]


Taz is an adorable little red head but he’s hardly a devil. Taz joined MHCR from a high intake shelter in Roswell, NM. He was so scared and shut down, that it was no surprise he had not been adopted and was up for euthanasia due to length of stay/space available. Luckily, a foster mom […]


We’d like you to meet Bear. Bear is, ummmm, well, he’s a goober head. Bear is a big dummy. He’s a happy boy that lacks basically all social graces with other dogs. While he loves their company, they often don’t reciprocate his exuberance, so a playful, patient, female dog friend would be ideal. Bear is […]


Everybody loves Peaches! And this one is ultra sweet! Peaches is an approximately 6-9 month old, female, Pointer mix. She’s great with dogs, gentle with humans (she’d be great with kiddos), and has a very easy-going personality. Peaches is hard at work on her house training. Her foster mom leaves her in a small room […]


Beau is a 6-month-old, brindle coated, cutie! This petite little dude is 42 lbs with some growing yet to do. He’s great with dogs, flocks to children, and eats up every ounce of attention he can get. Don’t let me forget, he can snuggle like it’s his professional job. Beau is the perfect age to […]


Baron, LeBaron, Baronni, Bruh….call him whatever you’d like. Baron is a man’s man. This handsome young thing is approx 9-12 months old. You’re going to have to take our word for it though and meet him in person because photos just aren’t his thing. He’s a German Shepherd mix, but he’s compact, muscular, and ready […]


Kingston is a gorgeous, brindled, scruffy faced boy! He has the body of a Basset Hound, the fur of a Terrier, and the best scruffy beard you’ve ever seen! Kingston is very friendly, walks well on a leash, does great with his human foster kiddos, and is quiet as a mouse in a crate. He […]


Winnie is a playful, fun-loving, 21 lbs, Aussiedoodle/terrier mix (we think). Winnie loves life! She’s great with other dogs, greets strangers with a grin, is affectionate, cuddly, and spunky! She’s the perfect go-anywhere size for the avid Colorado outdoorsman. Winnie’s coat is super soft with some wirey spots (mostly around her face). She does shed […]