Tyra Banks

America’s Next Top Model dog is Tyra Banks! Tyra has perfected the ‘smize’ (go on, google it if you don’t know), which is truly an art. She is 8 weeks old and an Australian Cattle Dog. She will wow you with her brains and leave you stunned with her beauty!

Rick Springfield

Fresh off the bus (although not from Australia) is our very own Rick Springfield. He’s an 8 week old pittie/corgi mix on the hunt for Jessie so he can take his girl! He’s really like to know where to find a woman like that. Can you help him? Rick’s mom is a 30 lbs pittie/corgi […]

Debbie Gibson

It’s only fitting that the tiniest of the puppies from this litter is named after an all time favorites teeny bopper, Debbie Gibson. It’s true, you’ll get lost in her eyes. She will make sure your children have an electric youth. And if you just can’t shake her love, then please apply! Debbie is an […]

Paula Abdul

Straight up now tell me are you really gonna love her forever? We know you will if you meet her! Our girl Paula has the moves! She’s a very sweet, playful, and friendly pit mix (and there’s undeniably some Boxer in there too). Paula Abdul is 8 weeks old and given her mama is a […]

Derek Zoolander

Boasting a unique appearance, Derek Zoolander is named after his human look-alike-ish, Ben Stiller’s fictional supermodel character. It’s a stretch, we know, but tell me you don’t see the similarity?! Our Derek is EVERYONE’s cup of tea and has the brains with the beauty. This little, 8-week-old, cutie is ready to find his forever home. […]

Heidi Klum

It’s only appropriate that this gorgeous pup be named after one of the most famous supermodels of all time. One main difference, besides the amount of body hair, is our Heidi has mesmerizing blue eyes that see deep down into the depths of your soul. This stunning girl is sure to add adventure to your […]

Cindy Lauper

It’s true, girls just wanna have fun! Our little Cindy is named after the famous 80’s icon and her cute little booty just can’t wiggle fast enough when she’s having a blast! She’s a happy girl that enjoys checking out new toys, playing with her bro, and snuggling up with the human kiddos when it’s […]


Sweet Ellie is approx 4.5 months old and believed to be an Australian Cattle Dog/Poodle mix. She’s a big girl, already over 30 lbs! Ellie is great with kiddos, dogs, and cats. She’s chicken curious but a bit of a chicken herself so if they challenge her she gets a little scared. Ellie is food […]


Finn is a big, goofy, sweet, lovable guy. He’s approx 4-5 months old and already 33 lbs! Our vet thinks he will be over 70 lbs once he’s a grown man. Finn is easy going, crate trained, and quiet as a mouse in his crate. He’s good with kiddos and other doggie friends. According to […]