Debbie Gibson

It’s only fitting that the tiniest of the puppies from this litter is named after an all time favorites teeny bopper, Debbie Gibson. It’s true, you’ll get lost in her eyes. She will make sure your children have an electric youth. And if you just can’t shake her love, then please apply! Debbie is a […]

Paula Abdul

Straight up now tell me are you really gonna love her forever? We know you will if you meet her! Our girl Paula has the moves! She’s a very sweet, playful, and friendly heeler mix (and there’s undeniably some Boxer in there too). Paula Abdul is 12 weeks old and given her mama is a […]


Laila has such soulful and beautiful eyes. This sweet, cuddly, loving babe is approx 9 months old and under 50 lbs. She’s lived with many dogs of all sizes and has done beautifully. Laila is also good with kiddos. She’s a gentle, mild mannered, sweet heart that thrives within a calm and loving environment. Laila […]