Ok, just stop it right now. This pup is SMILING! He smiles. Ah, my heart melts. Evan, the dreamy, smiling, Aussie mix is approx 8-10 weeks old. Ladies, he’s a looker. The apps are gonna flood our email. Better hurry before he sets his sights on someone else.


Brynna is a serious girl. Serious about having fun! She may look like she’s all business, but believe me when I say, she’s a party! Bryanna is an 8-10 week old Aussie mix. She’s clever and curious and ready to go live her forever life.


Cambry is a sporty little thing with her white tank top and her white ankle socks on each of her paws. This cheeky, spunky girl is approx 8-10 weeks old and is looking for her forever family. She’s an Aussie mix, so she’s ready to move!


Kenley is a sweet, strawberry blonde, with the most ridiculous freckles on her feet. This 8-10 week old, Aussie mix will bring endless entertainment to your days with her sunshine and sass!


Kyer, the little Aussie pup with the captivating eyes. Kyer is an 8-10 week old boy and he can hypnotize you with just one brief stare. That’s right, you’ll lose yourself in his smokey, evening, eyes and suddenly your whole world will be about loving this pup!


Jayce is a playful little pup! This 8-10 week old boy is an Aussie mix. He’s mischievous, fun-loving, and affectionate. Don’t miss out on all this boy has to offer a forever family!


Handsome Byron is sure to make the ladies swoon. Just look at this boy! At 8-10 weeks old he sure does have the puppy dog look down, that’s for sure! Byron is an Aussie mix and can’t wait to join his forever family on adventures!


Trisha! Trisha is a super sweet, ultra fluffy, Aussie mix that’s looking for her forever home. She’s approx 8-10 weeks old and is excited to explore CO and all it has to offer.


Riggins is a 3.5 year old, male, shepherd mix. He is a wonderful and loyal dog that has been loved as part of a family since he was a puppy. Unfortunately, as Riggins’ human family grew (by way of a human baby), Riggins grew uncomfortable with the tiny humans and it’s become clear a kid […]