Our Nellie girl is a 6 month old, female, Belgian Malinois/Poodle mix looking for a great forever home. Nellie is smart as a whip (duh, given her breed mix) and already knows a handful of commands with an eagerness to learn more. She’s house trained, sleeps in a crate at night, and loves to play […]


🌟 Introducing Fiona! 🐾 Searching for a dog that will make you laugh allllllll day long? Look no further than Fiona. Fiona is a 6-month-old Belgian Malinois/Poodle mix who’s ready to steal your heart! She’s a constant source of entertainment and joy. Whether she’s chasing after her fave toys, splashing around in water, or even […]


Meet Cheesie, an enchanting 5.5-month-old female Belgian Malinois/Poodle mix searching for a special home. Cheesie’s intelligence shines through her unique blend of breeds, though her initial shyness adds to her charm. This sweet girl finds comfort in the presence of another dog and thrives in a multi-dog environment. While she may take a moment to […]