Our girl Grizzy is looking for her best friend! This 12-year-old, spirited, Chihuahua mix wants a lap to warm and she wants it now! Grizzy came to MHCR as part of a surrender of 7 dogs from a home that was not taking very good care of them. She’s in foster with multiple dogs and […]


It is our sincerest pleasure to introduce you to Cinnamon, the little blind puppy that could! Cinnamon is around 3-4 months old. She joined MHCR as part of large surrender of dogs that were living in a hoarders home. Cinnamon was the youngest pup we received from this home and the owners didn’t even know […]


Auggie is a bouncy, happy, playful boy! This 1 year old Chihuahua mix is looking for a family. The more kids the better as he absolutely adores kiddos. Auggie is great with dogs, crate trained, and nearly fully house trained. He’s a bit of a wimp with the cold weather and demands a human to […]


Nacho is “not yo” average Chihuahua! A tough little guard dog, he is not! Nacho is approx 7 lbs, 2-3 years old, and easily intimidsted by new things around him. He came from a home with multiple dogs that were surrendered due to a move. We are so grateful for this as Nacho and his […]


Rub-a-dub-dub, check out the Chihuahua we call Tubs! This adorable little cutie is 8 weeks old and ready to find his forever home! Tubs is in foster with dogs, cats, and kiddos and he’s loving it all! Tubs joined MHCR after he was surrendered from a hoarding house with a bunch of other chihuahuas and […]


Joy is a happy little thing! This adorable, 8-9 year old, Chihuahua mix joined MHCR as a stray from New Mexico. This little darling is pretty versatile as far as Chihuahuas go. She’s great with dogs of all sizes. She’s playful, cuddly, and sweet all without being needy. She enjoys napping either on your lap, […]


Adorable, awesome, Andy! Help us welcome Andy to MHCR! This cutie patootie is a 6 month old, male, chihuahua mix and he’s everything we love about the breed. Andy loves to play! He will toss a toy around, fetch, and run zoomies to keep himself entertained. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t entertained, […]


Farley is 10 pounds of snuggle with the cutest ears ever! He likes to curl up in a warm lap and fall asleep and loves sleeping in bed with his people. He has done great with his canine foster siblings, but gets a little nervous when meeting new canine friends. He’s around 4 months old […]


Meet Peach, a Texas transplant. She’s a 4 year old chihuahua mix. Peach is about as perfect as it gets. Peach is a wonderful couch companion for late night binge TV watching. She is still getting acclimated to walking on a leash, but weighing in at 7 pounds you can pick her up with ease […]