Billy Ray

Don’t break his heart, his achey breaky heart, I just don’t think he’d understand. Billy Ray is a little lover looking for a forever family to call his own. Billy is approx 8 weeks old and is the son of Dolly (pictured below). He’s a fuzzy little snuggle buddy that loves to run around his […]

Tim McGraw

Canine or country star, Tim McGraw is a heartthrob no matter which one you choose! This handsome little devil is Tim. He’s an 8 week old little dude whose mom is Dolly (pictured below). Tim is a curious, playful pup looking for an amazing forever home.


Garth is another adorable pup named after yet another country music icon. This dude is small in stature but huge in personality and he will surely draw in just as many fans as the OG. Garth is 8 weeks old and his mom is Dolly (a fox terrier mix, pictured). He’s a playful, sweet, snuggly […]


Reba!! This little cutie is named after one of a country music’s biggest stars because she’s a bright, shiny, star herself! Reba is an 8 week old, small breed mix. She entered a high intake shelter in Texas with her family (mom/Dolly is pictured below). She’s a friendly, curious, sweet pup looking for her forever […]