Oh Lila! This cutie has perfected the art of the heart-melting head tilt! Lila is a 4.5-5 month old, female, Pyrenees mix. She enjoys taking cat naps out on the porch and wrestling with her foster sister. Lila is a sweet and gentle natured love bug. She does great with kiddos, too. Her forever home […]


Lanie is a gentle, sweet, kid-loving, Pyrenees mix. This beauty is only around 4.5-5 months old. Lanie is a little on the shy side, but opens up quickly. She loves to be outdoors so a family with a fenced in backyard is a must! Due to being a tad timid, Lanie’s foster mom feels she […]


Dewey! Dewey is such a ham! This playful, sweet, snuggly boy is looking for his forever home. Dewey is 5 months old and already around 30 lbs. He’s a curious boy that enjoys the company of other dogs and people of all ages. His forever home should have a fenced in yard (big must for […]


Luna! Sweet Luna is a 4 year-old, Great Pyrenees mix that’s traveled to MHCR from New Mexico. Luna was owned by a family for most of her life, but they didn’t have a fenced in yard and Luna wandered over to a nearby restaurant one too many times for the restaurant owners liking. Luna lived […]


Salut, mes amies! That means “Hi, friends” in French. So fancy for a 7 week old puppy, isn’t it? My name is Dijon, and yes Dijon is famous for its mustard… and yes, my foster human mom named me that because of the color of my fur resembling mustard. I know it isn’t original at […]


Bonjour! My is Lyon. You would think my human foster mom would have chosen this name for one of my tan colored siblings, but no, she chose it for me! Lyon, France, is the country’s third largest city and is the birthplace of cinema. I was named Lyon because I am such a character and […]


Have you heard of Lille, a gorgeous city near the Belgium border in Northern, France? Well, I didn’t either until I was named after it! Lille is known to be the friendliest city in France and friendly is my middle name! I am fluffy pup like my mom Paris and I have striking markings around […]


Salut! Je m’appelle Nice! Translated to English that means my name is Nice! Nice is pronounced with a long “e” sound in place of the “i.” I’ve learned a lot of French in my young life being apart of my mother, Paris’, french litter! Are you impressed with me yet? Nice was chosen as my […]


Bonjour! Ça va? I am doing great too! Thanks for asking! My name is Toulouse and I am such a dashing garçon! I was named after the French city of Toulouse! Toulouse is known as the “pink city” due to the pale-colored brick that was used in all the buildings. This brick changes to different […]