Say hello to Sherwood, an adorable 4.5-month-old male Pyrenees who’s eagerly seeking his forever home. Sherwood’s heartwarming personality shines as he joyfully engages in playtime with toys and revels in yard adventures. His gentle nature extends to his compatibility with children, making him an ideal furry friend for families. Plus, Sherwood’s already crate trained, showcasing […]


There is only one word to describe Paris…SWEET! Sweet like a French pâtisserie! She loves everyone she meets, especially little kids! She always extends her paw to get your attention and more love from you. Paris is very dog friendly and will be the submissive dog in a meet and greet situation, but will quickly […]


T-T-T-Toby! Toby is 4 years old and 100% Great Pyrenees (according to his DNA test). He weighs in just under 100 lbs. Toby is a very well behaved boy who sits and shakes on command and walks pretty well on leash. He also loves his kennel and will go in on command. He loves to […]