Jelly Bean

Hey Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean is a 4.5 month old, female, labradoodle mix. According to her breeders, she’s an F1B. We are pretty sure that’s short for perfect, because well, she is. Jelly Bean is dog, kid, cat friendly, outgoing, and eager to please. This girl got the brains and the beauty and she’s long […]


Sweet, soft, Bunny is ready to find her forever home! This adorable labradoodle mix (the pros call her an F1B, but that’s just mumbo jumbo to us) whose parents were around 67 and 50 lbs. Bunny is great with dogs and kiddos, well mannered in a home, and 4.5 months old. Bunny isn’t the sharpest […]


Get out your checklist and let’s see how many boxes we hit: ✅ Adorable ✅ Soft, luxurious, low/no shed coat ✅ Insanely cute sploot ✅ Irresistible puppy dog eyes ✅ Dog friendly ✅ House trained ✅ Affectionate…. There’s more, there really is, but if you’re no convinced yet, there’s no convincing you. Rocco is such […]


Lovely Liza ❤️. Liza is a 14 week old, female, Labradoodle mix. This adorable, sweet-natured baby, is quite a cuddle bug. Her foster mom says she enjoys resting her head on your lap or even your shoulder when she’s perched on the back of the couch. Liza is in foster with canine, feline, and human […]


Leroy is described by his foster family as a great family dog! He’s sweet to his canine, feline, and human foster siblings. He loves to play fetch (cue the lab genetics) and is really smart and a quick learner (this must be the poodle). Leroy is approx 14 weeks old and is around 15 lbs.


Looking for quiet, potty trained, no shed, easy going guy? That’s me! My life motto is “I want no trouble.” I enjoy napping next to my foster mom while she works, napping on the couch, napping away from the chaos of the resident dogs, did I mention napping? I am learning leash skills and find […]


Snuffle is a 7 month old, male, Labradoodle mix with a personality as goofy as his name! This playful, sweet boy, loves playing with his canine foster siblings and is never in short supply of entertainment for his humans. He’s presently under 30 lbs but has a bit of growing left to do.


I know, it looks like he’s AI generated and if I hadn’t met him in person I’d be skeptical, too. This little teddy bear named Fozzie is as real as he is precious! Fozzie is approx 14 weeks old and around 15 lbs. We are told his mom is a standard poodle and his dad […]


Teddy earned his name because he’s a big ole Teddy Bear!! Teddy is a 7 month old, labradoodle. He’s around 38 lbs right now and we suspect he won’t get much over 50. Teddy is the epitome of happiness. He frolics and hops when he plays, he’s attentive and eager for affection, he’s basically irresistible! […]