Jango!! Jango is one of those irresistible dogs and when we saw his mug, we just couldn’t say no! Jang is said to be 3-5 years old, but he’s very playful with pearly white bucks so we think he’s closer to the 3 year mark. He’s house trained, affectionate, loves water, and at approx 125+ […]


It is our sincerest pleasure to introduce you to Riley. Riley is an 8-year-old, female, Mastiff. She joins us from a small shelter in New Mexico. Riley entered our care back in early June of 2023. The shelter she transferred from did their best for her, but they could not isolate what was going on […]


Meet Nala, a 4-year-old, female, Mastiff with a heartwarming story. After a life of being bred, Nala found her way to MHCR from a rural shelter in NM. Now, in her retirement, she’s looking for a loving home where she can enjoy a slow-paced, calm, and relaxing life. With her nurturing history as a mama […]


Don’t be fooled by this epic Sarah McLachlan face. Tank is a happy, goofy boy! He joined MHCR back in August of 2022 after he was surrendered to a high kill shelter in Texas because his owners could not afford his care. Tank wasn’t afforded the lavish lifestyle we’ve come to expect all Mastiffs lead. […]