This is Chaz. Chaz is here to tell you that your business is HIS business. He’s here to find his new best friend and constant companion. Chaz is completely human driven. He longs for attention and affection. He’s fine with dogs, but doesn’t require them in his new home. He just wants to be the […]


🥃 This is Whiskey. 🥃 He’s an Old Fashioned…..kinda guy (see what i did there?). Whiskey is 4-5 years old and approx 20 lbs. He’s an old soul and is highly sophisticated. You won’t find him at the clubs twerking his adorable behind. Nope, he’ll be found at homes in front of the fire, sipping […]


We’d like to reintroduce Louie! Louie changed foster homes a while back and we’ve discovered that there is a cute, sweet, loving little dude beneath his gremlin facade. Louie has learned over the years what he desires and he communicates it very clearly. We don’t know his entire past but his future is looking bright, […]