Junee is a 1 year old, 8 lbs, Yorkie mix and man she brings the party. Junee is outgoing with new humans she meets, crate trained, and is doing well with her house training. She’s very playful and vibrant! Junee can be a bit bossy with other dogs so we recommend a friendly, playful, yet […]


Terry, oh Terry! This adorable, scruffy guy with the satellite ears is ready to find his forever home. Terry loves his humans and he follows them from room to room. He does play favorites and quickly chose his mama when he got to foster care. Terry enjoys tossing his toys around and snuggling up for […]


One song comes to mind as I begin to compose a bio for our boy Simba, and it’s not from the Lion King Soundtrack. Sure he’s adorable and cute with an unmistakable lion’s mane. He’s mighty and in charge much like his namesake. Snuggly and sweet, too. But no, no Lion King soundtrack. The song […]