Our little Noodle is ready to find her forever home! This 3-4 year old, 17 lbs, female, Westie is as sweet as they come. She’s dog friendly, loves to nap the days away, and wants nothing more than the affection of her human. Noodle is crate trained (at night, she’s not pleased with it during […]


Meet Mulan, a Disney princess right here in Colorado! This gorgeous, 2 year old, Shepherd mix weighs in at a sleek 68 lbs. Mulan joins us from a high intake shelter in New Mexico that recently experienced even higher intake numbers due to the fires and flooding in the area, making it imperative to move […]


Allie is adorbs!!! This sweet, 3.5 month old, pittie baby is finally ready to find her forever home! Allie came to MHCR from a high intake shelter in Texas after she survived parvo. Once she got here she became very ill with pneumonia. Allie came through like the fighter she is and she’s now ready […]

Jelly Bean

Hey Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean is a 4.5 month old, female, labradoodle mix. According to her breeders, she’s an F1B. We are pretty sure that’s short for perfect, because well, she is. Jelly Bean is dog, kid, cat friendly, outgoing, and eager to please. This girl got the brains and the beauty and she’s long […]


Sweet, soft, Bunny is ready to find her forever home! This adorable labradoodle mix (the pros call her an F1B, but that’s just mumbo jumbo to us) whose parents were around 67 and 50 lbs. Bunny is great with dogs and kiddos, well mannered in a home, and 4.5 months old. Bunny isn’t the sharpest […]


Our girl, Stormie, has quite a story to tell! She was found on the side of the road in Missouri out in the middle of nowhere during a torrential down pour. There wasn’t a home in sight for miles and miles… was clear she had been dumped. And so, the name Stormie came to be. […]


Jooooosie! What an adorable, long-bodied, short-legged, and super fun combination of dogs all wrapped up into a sweetie named Josie! Josie is approx 5-6 months old and has recently joined the MHCR family from Texas. She is GREAT with dogs of all sizes, loves to run around, play with toys, and take short naps on […]


Please meet Dolly! Dolly is the “teen” mom to the country stars litter. This 12 lbs, 2 year old girl will make a great addition to a variety of homes! She LOVES to snuggle, aims to please (it’s literally her favorite thing ever to make you happy), and can be found zooming around the yard […]


Reba!! This little cutie is named after one of a country music’s biggest stars because she’s a bright, shiny, star herself! Reba is an 8 week old, small breed mix. She entered a high intake shelter in Texas with her family (mom/Dolly is pictured below). She’s a friendly, curious, sweet pup looking for her forever […]