What’s black & white with spots all over? Henry! Henry is a 2 year old, 13 lbs, chihuahua mix and he’s the life of any party! Henry has spent his days in foster care babysitting two doodle puppies and he’s just happy as a clam to do so. Henry is dog and people friendly! His […]


Finn is an 1 year old, male, Australian Shepherd mix. He’s a 60lb lap dog who loves attention and being with his people. He also loves meeting new people. He’s very active and affectionate, but enjoys long afternoon naps. He’s house-trained and kennel-trained. He knows sit and is very calm on a leash. Finn is […]


Get out your checklist and let’s see how many boxes we hit: ✅ Adorable ✅ Soft, luxurious, low/no shed coat ✅ Insanely cute sploot ✅ Irresistible puppy dog eyes ✅ Dog friendly ✅ House trained ✅ Affectionate…. There’s more, there really is, but if you’re no convinced yet, there’s no convincing you. Rocco is such […]


If being cute could be a full-time job, Eduardo would be a highly educated professional. He’s got it nailed, right down to the perma-wink (he lost an eye, more on that later). Eduardo is an approx 9-10 month old, Brussels Griffon mix. Like his Latino name implies, he’s spicy with a capital “S.” Eduardo LOVES […]


Allow us to introduce you to Ducky. Ducky is approx. 10 months old and is a 70-pound, pit mix. Ducky has a case of FOMO. Don’t worry, it’s not contagious (and for those that aren’t hip to the term, it means “fear of missing out”). Ducky likes to butt his big, fat, gorgeous head into […]


If you’re looking for the derpiest boy, whose whole butt wiggles and leans into you with his entire 90# body then you need to stop right now and fill out an application for Thor! Thor was surrendered in Texas because his owner was moving. Unfortunately for Thor, his previous owners did not treat him very […]


Yoko, because YOLO! Go on, adopt this cutie! Yoko is a 2 year old, 9 lbs Yorkie mix looking for his best buddy. Yoko is dog friendly, rides well in a car, and sleeps perfectly soundly at night with his foster mom…in the bed, of course. Yoko is a friendly, sweet, fun boy and while […]


Irresistible Ike is a 10-12 week old, male, Cattle dog mix (he’s got the ears, freckles, and independence to prove it). Ike is an explorer and likes to be in the know. Once bonded he cares what you say, but until then, pshhh….not a care in the world. He’s playful, joyous, and confident and will […]


Mesmerizing Mike with the magnetic eyes! This handsome, stunning, sweet boy is approx 10-12 weeks old. Your guess is as good as mine on breed mix. He kinda has some Heeler, Husky, Bully vibes….regardless, we suspect he will top out around 50 lbs. Mike is a people pleaser and he’s food motivated, which makes training […]