Freddy! Everyone’s favorite cameraman……although we’ve decided that our Freddy looks much better in front off the camera and we’re sure you’ll agree! Freddy (part of the iCarly litter) is a 10-week-old, male, Border Collie mix. This adorable, smarty pants, will enjoy an active home with a fenced in yard. By our best guesstimate, the pups […]


Gibby, always the odd man out. Gibby is part of the iCarly litter and he, as per usual, brings his own uniqueness to the group. Gibby is a slender boy with some funky ears that have a personality of their own. When you look at him in just the right way, you almost see a […]


Spencer is quite the heart throb on the iCarly series….so it’s only appropriate that this pup be named accordingly. Our Spencer is a 10-week-old Border Collie mix and he already has more brain power than his namesake. This cutie is smart as a whip and ready to find his forever home. He will enjoy an […]


When Koda first joined MHCR in early January, we knew he was a pup that needed a little help, but we had no idea everything Koda had actually endured. After multiple vet visits, it was discovered that Koda sustained extensive trauma to his head and had multiple fractures to his skull and mandible. This little […]


Izzy is an energetic, loving, ball of curls who loves walks, can handle a decent hike, but is also content to lay on the couch with you or play ball in the yard. He’ll warn you of any potential threats such as mailmen, neighbor’s dogs, or squirrels and his melodic voice is heard a few […]

Tater Tot

Tater Tot is such a happy little guy. He’s here to do three things: play, chew, and snuggle  He is whip smart and a very aggressive chewer so he needs lots of toys and puzzles to help occupy his mind, and lots of strong chew toys to occupy his mouth.  He is both potty and crate […]


Watson is the sweetest, silliest, itty-bitty Beagle mix boy you’ve ever met! At only 5 mo old, his favorite things include racing around the house, pouncing on toys, playing with his foster brother, and chasing bunnies. He sleeps through the night like a champion, is almost fully house trained, and is great with kids, cats, […]


Ok, just stop it right now. This pup is SMILING! He smiles. Ah, my heart melts. Evan, the dreamy, smiling, Aussie mix is approx 8-10 weeks old. Ladies, he’s a looker. The apps are gonna flood our email. Better hurry before he sets his sights on someone else.


Kyer, the little Aussie pup with the captivating eyes. Kyer is an 8-10 week old boy and he can hypnotize you with just one brief stare. That’s right, you’ll lose yourself in his smokey, evening, eyes and suddenly your whole world will be about loving this pup!