Junee is a 1 year old, 8 lbs, Yorkie mix and man she brings the party. Junee is outgoing with new humans she meets, crate trained, and is doing well with her house training. She’s very playful and vibrant! Junee can be a bit bossy with other dogs so we recommend a friendly, playful, yet […]


Strawberries are everyone favorite fruit and now, it’s everyone’s favorite dog! Please meet our little Strawberry. We think she’s a Portuguese Podengo – go on, Google it. Ever since our breed scanner app suggested it, I just can’t unsee it! Turns out they come in 3 sizes. This means at approx 6 months old and […]


Say hello to Halo, our lovable foster puppy who is in search of her forever home! 🐾 Halo is a cuddly sweetheart who prefers snuggling up and relaxing over adventures with her sibling. She adores people, kids, other dogs and has a gentle, calm demeanor that makes her the perfect companion for a cozy, loving […]


Meet Jazzy, the sweetest foster puppy looking for her forever home! 🐾 This little ball of fur is not only incredibly cute but also loves cuddling and going on adventures. She is very smart, adores people, kids and other dogs and has a playful spirit that will bring endless joy to her new family. She […]


Sweet Sam is a 4 month old, female, Great Pyrenees mix. This girl fought hard to get where she is today and now that she’s healthy, she’s looking for her forever home. Sam came from Texas with her sister Carly. Sam is great with dogs and kiddos and will thrive in a variety of homes. […]


Dalton is the happiest guy. Seriously, his tail never stops wagging, and he loves every person and dog he’s met so far. Even small children – he stands up with his front paws on their chest and gives them kisses (…even if they don’t want the kisses). He has really nice manners and play with […]

Bam Bam

Ever heard of a Stage 5 Clinger? Well, we’d like to show you a Stage 10. Please meet Bam Bam! This 2.5 year old, male, Schnorkie, is on the prowl for his next human to love. He falls too fast, it’s true. He’s made some poor choices, but that’s why we’re here, to help guide […]


This is Chiri, and we pronounce that like cheery! Chiri is approx 1-2 years old and about 20 lbs. She’s potty trained and retreats to her kennel when she gets tired or wants a break. She’s overall very calm, likes attention but also goes and lies down on her own. Chiri enjoys car rides and […]

Lt. Dan

We’d like to introduce you to our very own Lt. Dan! This stunning, tri-color, tri-pawed, boy is approx 6-7 months old. He came to MHCR as kind of a unique situation. His family reached out for help with the cost of an amputation surgery due to a bad break in his leg. In an effort […]