When Koda first joined MHCR in early January, we knew he was a pup that needed a little help, but we had no idea everything Koda had actually endured. After multiple vet visits, it was discovered that Koda sustained extensive trauma to his head and had multiple fractures to his skull and mandible. This little […]


Polly is a lovable, 4-5 year old, pooch who seems to be a doodle mix, although we aren’t sure if she’s a labradoodle, a goldendoodle, a wolfadoodle, or what exactly she may be. Polly is around 85 lbs! While it’s true, she’s a big girl, her prior family used food to show their love for […]


This little lovebug is a petite, pocket pittie mix that’s around 1 year old and about 40lbs. She has an adorable little nubbin’, which is code for “docked tail.” Cheyenne is (mostly) past the puppy antics and housebroken. She is extremely affectionate, and her happy wiggle-walk will make your heart melt right into your shoes. […]