There is only one word to describe Paris…SWEET! Sweet like a French pâtisserie! She loves everyone she meets, especially little kids! She always extends her paw to get your attention and more love from you. Paris is very dog friendly and will be the submissive dog in a meet and greet situation, but will quickly […]


This sweet, 6-8 month-old, female, lab/pit mix, just sprang death row in New Mexico and is ready to start her new life in Colorado! Stormi is a happy girl. Have you heard the happy dog song? That was basically written for her. Her tail never stops wagging. She’s submissive, LOVES toys (she’ll play alone or […]


Honor is an adorable, 3 to 5-year-old, female, Chihuahua mix. She presently weighs about 10 pounds, and believe me when I say, your lap is the place she wants to be. She is presently in foster with a few young kiddos, another dog, and a cat. She absolutely adores her human kids. She would make […]


When asked for some help with Honey’s bio, her foster mom replied, “That’s easy. She’s perfect!” Well, you can’t argue with that! It’s amazing that this 9-12 month old, beauty queen was up next for euthanasia in shelter. The canine companion she entered with had died and she was all alone. Thankfully, her ultra sad […]


Salut, mes amies! That means “Hi, friends” in French. So fancy for a 7 week old puppy, isn’t it? My name is Dijon, and yes Dijon is famous for its mustard… and yes, my foster human mom named me that because of the color of my fur resembling mustard. I know it isn’t original at […]


Bonjour! My is Lyon. You would think my human foster mom would have chosen this name for one of my tan colored siblings, but no, she chose it for me! Lyon, France, is the country’s third largest city and is the birthplace of cinema. I was named Lyon because I am such a character and […]


Have you heard of Lille, a gorgeous city near the Belgium border in Northern, France? Well, I didn’t either until I was named after it! Lille is known to be the friendliest city in France and friendly is my middle name! I am fluffy pup like my mom Paris and I have striking markings around […]


Salut! Je m’appelle Nice! Translated to English that means my name is Nice! Nice is pronounced with a long “e” sound in place of the “i.” I’ve learned a lot of French in my young life being apart of my mother, Paris’, french litter! Are you impressed with me yet? Nice was chosen as my […]


Bonjour! Ça va? I am doing great too! Thanks for asking! My name is Toulouse and I am such a dashing garçon! I was named after the French city of Toulouse! Toulouse is known as the “pink city” due to the pale-colored brick that was used in all the buildings. This brick changes to different […]