Toby, Toby, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, no one can! Toby is a 2 year old, male, Jack Russell Terrier and man is he fun! Toby is curious, playful, and he loves to snuggle. It’s true, Jacks are known for their energy and while Toby does turn it on, he has an […]


Oh Gilbert! Our boy Bert is a 6 month old, male, Great Dane. True to his dane genes, he snuggles like it’s his professional job and has little awareness of places too small for his body. Bert is dog friendly, kid friendly, and even stayed with some poultry for a few days and did great! […]


Fabulous Finn! Finn is a 1 year old, French Bulldog. Unfortunately, Finn has been tossed around a bit in his short life. He was originally owned by a family that decided they didn’t want a small dog. So, he was given to a friend. The friend did her best to care for him, but found […]


Toby is a 1-2 year old, 15 lbs, Jack Russell Terrier mix. While the JRT’s we’ve come to know have been very energetic, high strung, freaks, Toby is just not that way. This boys game is cuddling. He nestles up into his foster mom’s neck each night and snuggles the hours away. He’s up for […]


Samoa is a girl looking to be the sparkle in her human’s eye. This 5 year old beauty queen was surrendered to a local shelter when her family decided to move to a hotter state. While it’s clear Samoa was once a loved pet, she was a bit of a medical mess and, as it […]


Say hey to Henry! He’s a 1-year old Pudelpointer (yes that’s a real breed – google it!) who got handed a rough set of circumstances at birth. The runt of his litter, Henry was born partially deaf and shortly after developed congenital cataracts that made him nearly blind. Luckily, Henry found himself at MHCR where […]