Wrigley is a little peanut! You can’t possibly comprehend the cuteness that is Wrig without meeting him in person! This little nugget is 5-6 months old. He found himself in a small, rural shelter in New Mexico with a slim chance of making out alive. Why? Well, sure, he’s a pit mix, but Wrigley is […]


They just don’t come any cuter than Bowser! This handsome lug is already around 30 lbs at 4.5 months old. We are pretty sure he’s the reason for all the “it’s so fluffy” GIFs. You just wanna squeeze him and say “he’s so fluffy” in your highest pitched young girl voice when you first meet […]


Sweet little Petunia Kreaturre is a 2 year old, Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix. She’s a little peanut at only 9 lbs. In August, Petunia and some of her canine family were surrendered as part of a large hoarding case in Texas. Can you imagine how frightening that must have been for her? Some time has passed […]


Maddy Moo! Ok, so this is a rarity in rescue. All too often, rescue dogs are fearful of men, but not this girl! Maddy Moo gravitates to them. She sure has an eye for the fellas. Maddy is a 1.5 year old mixed breed. Her DNA includes Pyrenees, Cattle Dog, Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd. […]