Phillip is a 95 lbs, 1-2 year old, natural tail, Rottweiler. He’s a fun loving boy and he wants us to be sure and tell you that his forever home must have an endless supply of tennis balls. A fetch machine would be a plus, too (although a human arm with stamina to keep throwing […]


I don’t want to brag, but it’s quite possible we have the perfect dog. Meet, Atticus! Weighing in at 38 pounds and about a year old, this dude is fun and funny. Whats his breed? No idea but he is absolutely cute! You want love? He will give you love. You want to play? He […]


Meet Syd! She is a beautiful little dog who seems to be a teeny version of a beautiful shepherd mix. Yet she’s fully grown with really soft fur at only 6 lbs. If you ever thought, “wow, I want a shepherd but one who costs a lot less in kibble bills,” this girl can do […]