Our girl Grizzy is looking for her best friend! This 12-year-old, spirited, Chihuahua mix wants a lap to warm and she wants it now! Grizzy came to MHCR as part of a surrender of 7 dogs from a home that was not taking very good care of them. She’s in foster with multiple dogs and […]

Alice & Sister

Alice & Sister are an irresistible pair of teacup Yorkies looking for their forever home. Alice (the mom, estimated to be 10+ years old) is 4 lbs and has some minor vision impairment. Sister (the daughter, estimated to be 7-8 years old) is only 3 lbs! When we say tiny, we mean tiny! These two […]


Coco is a scruffy, social butterfly! She loves every person and every dog she meets. Recently, Coco met some young kiddos and planted herself in their laps giving kisses. She LOVES to give kisses and if she can’t reach your face, she will jump to try to plant one on you. Coco has not been […]


Iris is a Colorado outdoorsman’s dream! This 22 lbs, 1-2 year old, Chihuahua/Corgi mix is small without being dainty. She’s a hearty girl up for any adventure! Iris greets every person she meets with a smile and a tail wag. She LOVES playing with dogs if all sizes and is skilled with adjusting her play […]


Joy is a happy little thing! This adorable, 8-9 year old, Chihuahua mix joined MHCR as a stray from New Mexico. This little darling is pretty versatile as far as Chihuahuas go. She’s great with dogs of all sizes. She’s playful, cuddly, and sweet all without being needy. She enjoys napping either on your lap, […]


What’s black, blocky, and oh so beautiful? Emma!! Emma is a 2 year old pittie mix looking for a home. Emma loves to play with her canine foster sister, take walks where she practices her leash skills, and even go out to a shop or two. She has a lot of fun doing this, as […]


Scout! Scout is a 6 month-old, male, German Shepherd mix. He’s already 41 lbs so we expect he will be close to 80-90 lbs once he’s fully grown. Scout is a great dog. He loves humans, snuggling, going places, whatever you want to do, he’s here for it. Scout is dog friendly, enjoys wrestling with […]


Gosh the first person to look past the ever so common black, box head, pittie that fills out an app and meets our Mulberry is going to be a very, very, lucky human! Mulberry has this way about her. She has the most endearing personality. While down in Texas picking some shelter dogs, our driver […]


🐾 Meet Diva, a five-month-old female Rottweiler/Shepherd looking for her forever home! Despite her name, she’s a bit shy but incredibly sweet. Diva thrives in the company of other playful and friendly dogs, so a home with one or two canine companions would be ideal for her. She’s looking for a patient and loving family […]