Freddy! Everyone’s favorite cameraman……although we’ve decided that our Freddy looks much better in front off the camera and we’re sure you’ll agree! Freddy (part of the iCarly litter) is a 10-week-old, male, Border Collie mix. This adorable, smarty pants, will enjoy an active home with a fenced in yard. By our best guesstimate, the pups […]


Gibby, always the odd man out. Gibby is part of the iCarly litter and he, as per usual, brings his own uniqueness to the group. Gibby is a slender boy with some funky ears that have a personality of their own. When you look at him in just the right way, you almost see a […]


Spencer is quite the heart throb on the iCarly series….so it’s only appropriate that this pup be named accordingly. Our Spencer is a 10-week-old Border Collie mix and he already has more brain power than his namesake. This cutie is smart as a whip and ready to find his forever home. He will enjoy an […]


Sam! Sam is main character in the iCarly series. And, it’s true she’s Carly’s BFF, but she could be yours if you act NOW! Sam is a 10-week-old, Border collie mix. She has the most beautiful, delicate face with perfectly symmetric markings. We estimate Sam will top out around 40 lbs. She will enjoy an […]


The iCarly pups are here and “i” can’t even stand it! They’re so cute!! Carly, much like her namesake, boasts beautiful, dark, locks and an ultra sweet personality. We anticipate this 10 week old cutie to top out under 40 lbs (but, of course, this is just a guess). If our breed estimations are correct, […]


Shelia is a happy, LITTLE, chihuahua mix looking for her forever home! She’s estimated to be approx 12 weeks old and is barely 3 lbs. This little cutie patootie LOVES kiddos. She’s dog friendly but mostly cares about her peeps. She’d love a family that’s looking for a little princess to spoil.


Ok, just stop it right now. This pup is SMILING! He smiles. Ah, my heart melts. Evan, the dreamy, smiling, Aussie mix is approx 8-10 weeks old. Ladies, he’s a looker. The apps are gonna flood our email. Better hurry before he sets his sights on someone else.


Brynna is a serious girl. Serious about having fun! She may look like she’s all business, but believe me when I say, she’s a party! Bryanna is an 8-10 week old Aussie mix. She’s clever and curious and ready to go live her forever life.


Cambry is a sporty little thing with her white tank top and her white ankle socks on each of her paws. This cheeky, spunky girl is approx 8-10 weeks old and is looking for her forever family. She’s an Aussie mix, so she’s ready to move!