Our girl, Moose, is a 12 week old Dachshund mix. This little ween is so much fun! She loves to play with doggie companions and run around doing zoomies in the grass. Moose is thriving with her house training on a strict schedule and kennels well with her brother. When she’s alone, she does tend […]


Benji is a scraggly little furball of energy and affection looking for his forever home! He loves to run around and the typical small dog energy we’ve all come to love in a schmedium sized dogs body (approx 25 lbs). He runs and plays for short bursts, then loves to get right up next to […]


Meet Cheesie, an enchanting 5.5-month-old female Belgian Malinois/Poodle mix searching for a special home. Cheesie’s intelligence shines through her unique blend of breeds, though her initial shyness adds to her charm. This sweet girl finds comfort in the presence of another dog and thrives in a multi-dog environment. While she may take a moment to […]


Duke! Duke is a happy, 5.5 month old, male, Aussie mix. This boy LOVES his humans and will thrive in a home where they’re around often to spend time with him. He’s great with canine companions but definitely doesn’t require one in his forever home. Duke is perfecting his house and crate training skills. As […]


Izzy is an energetic, loving, ball of curls who loves walks, can handle a decent hike, but is also content to lay on the couch with you or play ball in the yard. He’ll warn you of any potential threats such as mailmen, neighbor’s dogs, or squirrels and his melodic voice is heard a few […]

Tater Tot

Tater Tot is such a happy little guy. He’s here to do three things: play, chew, and snuggle  He is whip smart and a very aggressive chewer so he needs lots of toys and puzzles to help occupy his mind, and lots of strong chew toys to occupy his mouth.  He is both potty and crate […]


T-T-T-Toby! Toby is 4 years old and 100% Great Pyrenees (according to his DNA test). He weighs in just under 100 lbs. Toby is a very well behaved boy who sits and shakes on command and walks pretty well on leash. He also loves his kennel and will go in on command. He loves to […]