Kelce Swift

Ok, stop. We couldn’t resist. Please meet Kelce. This gorgeous, brindled, beauty is a 1 year old Saint Dane (St. Bernard/Dane mix). She’s just over 100 lbs and, shockingly, completely unaware of her size. Kelce is dog friendly and participated in playgroups while at the shelter in NM. She’s even won over the heart of […]


Oh Gilbert! Our boy Bert is a 6 month old, male, Great Dane. True to his dane genes, he snuggles like it’s his professional job and has little awareness of places too small for his body. Bert is dog friendly, kid friendly, and even stayed with some poultry for a few days and did great! […]


Sweet Lily is 1-2 years old and is a Lab/Great Pyrenees mix. She got some of the best qualities of both breeds, if you ask us! Lily is around 80 lbs. She’s dog friendly and looks to the resident dogs for social cues as she gets nervous in new situations. Lily and her sister, Daisy […]


Phillip is a 95 lbs, 1-2 year old, natural tail, Rottweiler. He’s a fun loving boy and he wants us to be sure and tell you that his forever home must have an endless supply of tennis balls. A fetch machine would be a plus, too (although a human arm with stamina to keep throwing […]


Please, allow us to introduce you to Yeti. Yeti is approx 3 months old and already over 20 lbs. Despite his striking resemblance to Alf (go on, google it if you must), this guy is cat friendly! He’s great with dogs and kiddos, too! Yeti joins MHCR from Texas and he’s decided Colorado is the […]


Ella is a tender, beautiful soul. This 3 year old, 130 lbs, female, Dane is quite a stunner. She’s mild-mannered yet playful, does well with a variety of dogs, and is well behaved in a home. She’s actually a great, Great Dane. Ella can be a little shy at first and can take a tad […]


Luna is a 3-4 month old, female, Pyrenees mix. She has a beautiful mask that makes us suspect of some Anatolian shepherd hidden in there, but she’s probably just a good ole Heinz 57 Texas special! Luna is a sweet girl that loves to snuggle. She’s dog, cat, kid, AND chicken friendly. Luna is looking […]


Louie Louie! This handsome, dopey, boy is Louie. Louie is a 3-4 month old, Pyrenees mix, that’s just under 30 lbs. He’s a friendly, chill boy who isn’t in a hurry to do much. He loves being outside and has proven to be dog, cat, kid, and chicken friendly. While he needs a home with […]


Gus is a snow dog! This handsome guy is 3 months old and a Great Pyrenees mix. He lubs his humans canine foster friends so much. And he really wants to play with the resident feline friends, as well. Due to the nature of his breed, Gus is looking for a home with a big, […]